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Hello! I’m Caroline Banton, a Pennsylvania-based freelance writer and editor. I create content for people who have creative, complex, and compelling ideas but need help transforming their thoughts into engaging prose, articles, blogs, and books. 

Whether your need is SEO-driven content to drive visitors to your website, ghost-written blogs and articles, or a marketing book to grow your brand, I can speed you on your way.

Originally from Manchester, England, I craved adventure and found my way to Washington, D.C. early in my career. There, I worked for the World Bank and gained an MBA from Johns Hopkins University. My business articles have appeared in Time, Huffington Post, and The Motley Fool, and my first literary project was penning the memoir of my father-in-law, who escaped Nazi Germany as a young boy. I write unremittingly from my home in central Pennsylvania and love to explore trails with my dog, Addy.

As a writer of biographies, I interview customers and turn their life stories into books. 

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I have developed branded content for corporate clients large and small as a copywriter and ghostwriter. I assist individuals seeking to write first-person narratives for academic, personal, or marketing purposes. Contact me for a one-on-one consultation and manuscript review. 

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